Pinnpoint™ RFID
Identify, track and manage assets & inventory with encoded RFID tags generated by Lexmark's  high-performance color laser printers. 

Pinnpoint's RFID media products include asset tracking sheets, shipping labels, and form and label combinations designed for today's tracking solutions.

One Device - Two Workloads
The Lexmark CS725R printer and the CX725R MFP combine built-in RFID encoding capability with reliable color laser technology to create high-visibility color RFID tags encoded with critical metadata for asset, security and identification, and lifecycle tracking. There is no need to waste time and money buying multiple products since the CS725R and CX725R handle both RFID encoding and general printing/scanning.

Bar Tender's RFID software tools are designed with the same flexibility and ease of use for which its label design features are renowned.
Pinnpoint's "Professional Services" Team fully supports the Bar Tender RFID software with complete integration and support services.

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Sell Sheet