Dynamic forms are a great way to produce documents with variable data without requiring user interaction. RFID is an optimal solution for identifying and tracking assets. Combining these two technologies can require multiple steps and processes and take extensive time and expense, but by combining Pinnpoint’s RFID labels with Lexmark’s Forms Composer and a Lexmark RFID-enabled laser printer, you can produce rich, dynamic forms with unique RFID encoding quickly and inexpensively.

Forms Composer provides a graphical editing tool that allows you to create forms to your exact specifications which will then be merged with dynamic data and produced on the fly. Your form design can include text, lines, shapes, images, barcodes, PDF backgrounds and variable data. The form can even be set up to generate different pages based on criteria within the data being merged. Forms Composer can be installed on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Pinnpoint’s Professional Services team can even design and develop your Forms Composer forms for you!

Lexmark RFID-enabled devices, including the CS725R printer and CX725R MFP, have the capability to encode an RFID tag embedded in a sheet of paper while simultaneously printing to that sheet. This lets you fill a drawer with your RFID media and send properly-formatted jobs to the device which will merge the variable data with the fixed data while encoding the RFID tag.

Formatting your print job with RFID data typically requires manual intervention through a command-line tool provided by Lexmark. However, combining your RFID device with Forms Composer allows the RFID data to be embedded in the data stream with the other variable data merged to the form. When the data is sent to the RFID-enabled printer, the tag is encoded with the desired data automatically.

Your RFID-enabled dynamic forms will really take off when combined with Pinnpoint’s line of RFID labels & stock. Our labels and forms provide simplex and duplex solutions for tracking, packing lists, shipping labels and return labels. Send a job from your ordering system and a single sheet will come out of your Lexmark device with the customer’s name and address, the packing list for the order, peelable shipping label and peelable return label. On top of all of that, the page will have the RFID tag encoded with the desired information to uniquely identify the order. Check out the four different RFID products offered by Pinnpoint in our web store, or contact us today to discuss your custom RFID stock needs.

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