Malmo (Sweden) – Global label media company Pinnpoint is pleased to announce that they have
become a Global Value Partner with RFID industry leader SMARTRAC.
On April 1st, Pinnpoint is launching a new line of stock RFID-enabled laser labels integrated with the SMARTRAC Short Dipole Monza 6 inlay. The products are engineered specifically for the newest Lexmark UHF RFID-enabled color laser printers that will quickly encode and print Pinnpoint’s label solutions.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, SMARTRAC is a globally recognized supplier, manufacturer, and developer of high-quality RFID inlays and tags. SMARTRAC’S innovative technology and their extensive product portfolio was the true driver for Pinnpoint’s partnership decision, advised Forrest Steely, Pinnpoint’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our products address the need for more complex RFID-enabled solutions desired by high growth manufacturing and e-commerce companies seeking enhanced track and trace capabilities, and the SMARTRAC portfolio really fits our growth strategy very nicely.”

Steely stated that the new four (4) stock product offering is designed for work-in-progress (WIP), logistics tracking (including inventory and outgoing shipments), asset and document tracking, and e-commerce returns processing.

“Companies with current integrated RFID processes now can add new RFID functionality with our label products not available in the market previously.”

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