We’re excited to announce the integration of the Print & Ship solution with Welkoop! Originally started as an agricultural cooperative in 1899,  Welkoop is a successful home and garden retail chain with over 150 stores in the Netherlands. Their business and values have always been aligned with Mother Nature and the earth’s natural resources.  

In order to substantially grow their online business, Welkoop built a new warehouse and partnered with Pinnpoint, TranssmartOSN, and Lexmark to integrate environmentally-friendly logistics print solutions that align with their core value of sustainability. 

This powerful partnership began in Utrecht at the Transsmart stand during ICT & Logistiek 2019, where Callan van Laack introduced Martijin Verkerk from Welkoop to the Print & Ship label. 

Designed exclusively for Lexmark, Print & Ship combines the shipping label and packing slip into one sheet instead of two, reducing plastic waste from the plastic pouch and streamlining the fulfillment process. 

Van Laack knew that Pinnpoint’s Green Initiative, planting a tree for each case of Print & Ship labels used, would align with Welkoops values. He remarked, “When did you ever do good for Planet Earth, increase efficiency and pay less?”

Martjin Verkerk commented, “Welkoop processes a lot of multi-package orders. With the Print & Ship label we can also guarantee the content of the package with the label/track & trace”. 

Using Transsmart’s platform to process orders and Pinnpoint’s green Print & Ship labels with Lexmark’s devices, Welkoop streamlined shipping operations and successfully grew their online business while implementing sustainable solutions.

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